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    Making A 925-Sterling Silver Ring, Process and Composition? Why Do We Wear Sterling Silver?

    A 925-sterling silver ring is a quite simple task to make, and involves easy step-by-step instructions. The guidelines are as follows, and you will require: Step 1: Measure Your Finger Size Using A Sizer Ring Size Calculator (If Required) A Millimeter Ruler A Plain Paper Safety Scissors A Marker Adhesive Tape (If Required) A Piece...
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    NATURAL GEMSTONE Natural gemstones are created by nature without any intrusion from humans. A natural stone signifies that it has not been treated, improved or changed by a human hand. Faceting is permissible for a natural stone, but the trend shows that people demand more natural looking and coarse stone jewelry. LAB-CREATED GEMSTONE Lab-Created G...
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    Gemstone Physical Properties

    Every gemstone is different not only in the physical appearance but in the physical properties as well. The gemstones are made of different combinations of minerals. Multiple combinations drive up different physical and chemical properties of the gemstones in them. These properties affect the size, structure, reactions, colors and other features....
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    Gemstone Color Change Phenomena

    Color change is the optical phenomena in gemstones that let the stones to change colors under different lightening conditions. It happens due to certain changes in the composition of each gemstone. Alexandrite is the gemstone that demonstrates the perfect example of color change under certain conditions....
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Coral Rings Marjan Rings

Coral rings/ Marjan rings

The one color Coral/Marjan stone comes with its mesmerizing beauty in silver sterling rings. The stone is quite soft an easily breakable in comparison to the other gen stones. Gen found in the cold deep water is in solid red color mostly, in rare cases you can get is in black, blue, while and light pink as well. However, getting multiple shades in Coral/Marjan is quite rare and impossible. Getting Coral/Marjan rings is possible now with the best silver and gold combinations as well.

A design that suits you

Getting a perfect design Coral/Marjan ring is quite difficult due to lesser options of its cutting and finishing. We have made it easier for you to access the best and quality deigns with original Coral/Marjan in the rings. Pick up the design of your choice and add more grace to your casual or festive look. Rings in collection are for the formal, casual and festive occasion.

Perfect stone molding

The stone is delicate and in the rings, it is adjusted with great care. These are molded and cut with precision to get the ultimate perfection in design. You will be able to have the rings in multiple stone cuttings and shapes. We offer you some of the exceptional designs that are not commonly available out there in the market. All you need is to pick up the most promising design from the list and it is available for you right away.

A gift that worth

On birthdays, anniversary, wedding and other special occasions, Coral/Marjan rings are a gift that is worthy. It adds more emotions and attachment to the occasion and the gift will remain there for long. When you wants to buy a ring, then pick up the one with a solid background. It will have a meaning and help you to make the day memorable for everyone around.

Pick up the ring today!

Be hurry to select from the limited stock of Coral/Marjan rings and get it now. You can order for the custom designs for the custom stone size and have it as per your choice.


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