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    Making A 925-Sterling Silver Ring, Process and Composition? Why Do We Wear Sterling Silver?

    A 925-sterling silver ring is a quite simple task to make, and involves easy step-by-step instructions. The guidelines are as follows, and you will require: Step 1: Measure Your Finger Size Using A Sizer Ring Size Calculator (If Required) A Millimeter Ruler A Plain Paper Safety Scissors A Marker Adhesive Tape (If Required) A Piece...
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    NATURAL GEMSTONE Natural gemstones are created by nature without any intrusion from humans. A natural stone signifies that it has not been treated, improved or changed by a human hand. Faceting is permissible for a natural stone, but the trend shows that people demand more natural looking and coarse stone jewelry. LAB-CREATED GEMSTONE Lab-Created G...
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    Gemstone Physical Properties

    Every gemstone is different not only in the physical appearance but in the physical properties as well. The gemstones are made of different combinations of minerals. Multiple combinations drive up different physical and chemical properties of the gemstones in them. These properties affect the size, structure, reactions, colors and other features....
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    Gemstone Color Change Phenomena

    Color change is the optical phenomena in gemstones that let the stones to change colors under different lightening conditions. It happens due to certain changes in the composition of each gemstone. Alexandrite is the gemstone that demonstrates the perfect example of color change under certain conditions....
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Garnet Rings


The gemstone made of minerals rocks forming crystals of multiple colors, formations and shades. When you want to experience the diversified composition of colors, shapes and patterns, it is the best natural masterpiece to witness. The stone itself is amazing and mesmerizing in raw form. With a little refining and purification, you can get the ultimate innovative stone for jewels. The Garnet rings are popular among men and women of all ages. These are inspiring, attractive and have a different feel in contrast to other gemstone options.

Colors of nature

The most popular color of Garnet is the deep and shallow red. It comes in a clear red color or sometimes has a perfect combination of red and black in one stone together. Other than its signature red color, the gemstone comes in many other shades. These are commonly other shades of red like pink, dull red and solid red sometimes. On the other color plate, it has the shades of green, yellow, brown, and orange. Sometimes, the green is dark enough to give you a look of black in combination of red. The colors are natural and give a unique spark on different degrees, reactions and formations.

Garnet rings for everyone

Garnet rings are one of the masterpieces that attract men and women at the same time. These are available in multiple cuttings, settings, sizes and designs. For men the rings commonly have a subtle cut and flat surface on the top. For female rings, the cutting can be edgy and different as well. The stone is not only famous for the rings but other jewels as well. Many of these masterpieces are famous for pendants and bracelets as well. The major reason of Garnet’s popularity is the variation of shades and lethal combinations by nature. It gives some real impressive look to the jewelry.

Get your Garnet ring now!

It is your chance to step forward and treat yourself. We bring you the best-designed, prior quality and genuine Garnet rings. Select the one you like and enjoy a precious addition to your jewelry collection.

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