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    Making A 925-Sterling Silver Ring, Process and Composition? Why Do We Wear Sterling Silver?

    A 925-sterling silver ring is a quite simple task to make, and involves easy step-by-step instructions. The guidelines are as follows, and you will require: Step 1: Measure Your Finger Size Using A Sizer Ring Size Calculator (If Required) A Millimeter Ruler A Plain Paper Safety Scissors A Marker Adhesive Tape (If Required) A Piece...
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    NATURAL GEMSTONE Natural gemstones are created by nature without any intrusion from humans. A natural stone signifies that it has not been treated, improved or changed by a human hand. Faceting is permissible for a natural stone, but the trend shows that people demand more natural looking and coarse stone jewelry. LAB-CREATED GEMSTONE Lab-Created G...
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    Gemstone Physical Properties

    Every gemstone is different not only in the physical appearance but in the physical properties as well. The gemstones are made of different combinations of minerals. Multiple combinations drive up different physical and chemical properties of the gemstones in them. These properties affect the size, structure, reactions, colors and other features....
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    Gemstone Color Change Phenomena

    Color change is the optical phenomena in gemstones that let the stones to change colors under different lightening conditions. It happens due to certain changes in the composition of each gemstone. Alexandrite is the gemstone that demonstrates the perfect example of color change under certain conditions....
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Loose Gemstones


We are not only offering you the gemstones with rings, bracelets and other jewels. If you love to collect the gemstones and want to have your personalized collection, then we are here. You can pick up any stone from our store in loose, whether in raw, purified, or non-purified form. We are offering you to select form a wide range of available options that includes sapphire, ruby, garnet, Feroza, aqeeq, emerald and many others.

Genuine rocks 

Other than rough and loose stones with or without polish, we do offer you the raw rocks. If you want to have the stones only for decor or collection purpose, then we offer you to have the rocks. These are quite original, and in pure form. Moreover, these rocks in solid and raw form cost you a little less than the other options. You can keep these in your little stone collection to make these look even genuine and attractive.

Multiple pricing

All the stones and rocks have different price range. The pricing matters on the quality, weight and capacity of the stone. If you are picking up the best grade, clear and perfect color stone, it will cost much more. A dull color stone or impurities will cost you a little less. Similarly, in term of rocks, a clear and well-built rock will cost a little more than a rock with small studs on it. These rocks are useful but have a little clarity or small size clear stones in them. Commonly, the small size stones are of no use so we do not touch these rocks and sell them as it is.

All genuine and certified stones

We are selling out the genuine and certified rocks and gemstones to our clients. For each stone, we have a lab certification that ensures you to get the right gemstone. It is a guarantee for you to invest in the gemstone freely. With the most expensive articles of gemstones, we provide you a proper certificate that ensures you investment and you can claim the certificate anywhere you would like to.

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