Making A 925-Sterling Silver Ring, Process and Composition? Why Do We Wear Sterling Silver?

A 925-sterling silver ring is a quite simple task to make, and involves easy step-by-step instructions. The guidelines are as follows, and you will require:
Step 1: Measure Your Finger Size Using A Sizer
Ring Size Calculator (If Required)
A Millimeter Ruler
A Plain Paper
Safety Scissors
A Marker
Adhesive Tape (If Required)
A Piece of Sterling Silver

Step 2: Mold the Sterling Silver Using A Saw
A Wood Block (V-Cut at The End)
Chunk of Wax
Scrap Metal Piece (If Required)

Step 3: Smooth Down the Edges
Ring fastens
Hefty folder

Step 4: Create a Band
Leather hammer
Metal sledgehammer

Step 5: Fix Ring for Compression
4-inches electrified steel chain – 20 gauge

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