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Aqeeq Rings / Agate Rings

Aqeeq Rings

Aqeeq is one of the well-known and widely used gemstones in the world that is also known as Agate. The best thing about the stone is its matching with all stars and signs. People with any birth month can wear it and do not have any negative impact on them. It is available in different colors, shapes, cuts, shades and styles. You can get the stone in almost every color from green to black, red to brown, ferozy to yellowish and more. The stone has some of amazing and attractive shades, patterns, lines and crafts in it.

Shining in Silver

Aqeeq in silver ring is an attraction for the ring lovers who want to have an exceptional and worthy collection of rings. Due to the amazing variation of colors, its size, impact, and craft the stone makes the ring attractive and impressive. Prior collection of Aqeeq rings is available for men in multiple sizes, styles, shapes and colors. They look suitable, sophisticated, and fit to everyone’s personality.

Engravings on Aqeeq Ring

Although Aqeeq is, a stone but has enough soft surfaces to have engravings on it. Traditionally, on the Aqeeq rings, people use to have engravings with the verses, names, signs, and much more. By using the high tech machines and tools, it is convenient to put anything on the top of the ring. It not only makes the ring special but also customizes it as exclusive for the bearer. You can check out multiple engravings on the rings with Aqeeq as a gemstone.

Aqeeq Rings For Female

Aqeeq rings are not only famous in men for females as well. These rings have exceptional and delicate designs with colorful embellishments for females. Designed with delicacy for the feminine structure hands these rings have special combinations of Aqeeq and Zarqoon to add more glitter and shine. Moreover, the stone has the special cutting edges that give it more attraction and a pleasant look.

Get Your Ring Now!

There is a huge collection of Aqeeq rings available for you in stock. Be hurry to grab the best one with an attractive design and unique quality now!

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